put them under a pillow at night

Anonymous asked: Where can i get your comic???

as of now I’m not really selling it anywhere. It’s possible I might end up wandering around (NY) comic events with it, or dropping it off at some local places that sell zines and the like—will post an update if I do. Sorry if that’s vague, but I don’t really have time right now to handle orders or shipping and stuff! thanks for the interest anon!

some photos of the physical process

an image that didn’t make it into the online version of my recent comic 

(you wanted to kiss her long before she asked you to break the curse)

after saving Hambo

the mermaid doesn’t quite fit in the bathtub

an alternate ending (to a story I’m working on)

which finger would you give up to save her?

before your parents told you girls don’t marry each other